Loddon Mallee Region Dementia Management Strategy Overview

Detection and management of dementia is a complex issue and there are a range of screening tools, decision trees and management guidelines available to assist. There is also a great deal of information available to people with dementia and their carers, however previous local research, anecdotal evidence and the dementia literature all highlight the fact that people don’t know where to start looking for the information and supports they need. Interviews and discussions with service providers have identified a similar situation, in that the providers themselves are often not fully aware of the range of services available to help them and their clients on their journey through the dementia pathway. The lack of a comprehensive package of information that carers can use as they step through the stages of dementia makes transition through the dementia pathway a very disjointed and stressful process.

The Regional Dementia Management Strategy (RDMS) was first developed and published on the internet in 2001. The Loddon Mallee region Department of Human Services (DHS) provided funding to Bendigo Health to develop the RDMS and recently allocated additional funding to Bendigo Health’s Collaborative Health Education and Research Centre (CHERC) to update the content and format of the RDMS website.

All information provided on the original RDMS has been updated to ensure that it remains evidence based best practice and additional content has been added to the RDMS including the resources developed through the ‘Improving the Dementia Care Journey’ project which was funded by Central DHS. 

The main purpose of the RDMS website is to share evidence based tools and resources with health professionals and to provide carers of people with dementia access to a comprehensive information resource that may assist their transition through the dementia journey.

Feedback on the website and the different tools and resources is encouraged and feedback forms have been included for some specific resources to assist us in evaluating their usefulness and practicality. For further information on the RDMS or to arrange education sessions for your staff on the ABC model of dementia care please contact:

Angela Crombie
PO Box 126
VIC 3552
Ph: (03) 5454 6407


Loddon Mallee region DHS provided funding for the both the original and revised RDMS. Dr Tony Snell who is now at the Royal Melbourne Hospital was Chief Investigator for the original RDMS and Joy Boyd who was with Bendigo Health’s Aged Person’s Mental Heath Service at the time was a co-investigator on the original RDMS. Thank you to the members of the RDMS project and the Improving the Dementia Care Journey project reference groups whose guidance in developing these resources was invaluable.